Video Conferencing Equipment

With the rapid strides of digitalization and growing trends of remote working, the installation of video conferencing equipment has become an integral part of businesses of all shades and sizes. Therefore, it is crucially important to understand video conferencing systems. We are going to touch upon some fundamentals of video conferencing systems and equipment in the following paragraphs.

What is Video Conferencing System?

A Video Conferencing system is a set of audio and video devices that are deployed by businesses to conduct remote meeting sessions and conference calls. Video Conferencing System helps perform many functions like screen sharing, whiteboarding, call analytics, recording, transcribing, and wireless projections. The presence of a good quality video conferencing system does play an important part in boosting the productivity and resource efficiency of organizations.

Why is Video Conference System Critical for IT Firms?

Over the years, it has become self-evident that technological products are no longer a luxury, they are now a business requirement. Video Conference Equipment is such an IT product that has gained special significance in the aftermath of Covid-19 and its restriction. Even now when those restrictions are no longer applied, the critical role of the Video Conference system in connecting and interacting with co-workers, clients, suppliers, and visitors has become all too important to ignore. Some of the major benefits are discussed below:

Large-Scale Connections Across the Globe:

Video conference Systems can help enhance your reach and communication at the global level.

  • It provides opportunities to establish large-scale commercial connections with staff simultaneously as well as connect to your clients, suppliers, and other business partners across the globe.
  • Video Conference Systems can accommodate hundreds of attendees which comes in handy when you want to address the whole staff of the organization. You can meet all of your staff without any hassle to find space to fit them within a room. Obviously, virtual communication with all members of staff saves both time and resources.
  • This can help record meetings which are very important when you want to refer to some information from the meeting. In addition, if some members of staff skip the meeting for whatever reason, they can view the meeting content and thus remain updated.

Efficient Business Working & Communication:

The integration of a video conferencing system into your every day operations would give you flexibility, efficiency, and disaster resilience. Whether it’s some worldwide pandemic like Covid-19 or some adverse weather event, the Video Conference system would help you continue doing business seamlessly and efficiently without any kind of interruption.

Salient Features of Video Conference System:

Before you finalize the video teleconferencing system, you need to make sure that these features should be part of the system:

  • Remote Control:

    Remote control features with the help of a keyboard and mouse provide tools to edit and share documents in real time.

  • Call Recording:

    There should be unlimited call recording support so that minutes of meetings can be accessed later on via cloud storage or other storage options.

  • Branding:

    In marketing, branding is obviously an important consideration, so choose a video conferencing system that allows you to add logos, brands, backgrounds, and other branding features for showcasing your brand in the market.

  • Speaker Tracking:

    There should be automatic tracking of speakers when he speaks at a conference. It is very important to have this feature in order to remove confusion regarding who is speaking.

  • Automatic Adjustment:

    The framing should be automatic with respect to camera angle, zoom-in/ zoom-out, and view setting.

  • Screen Sharing:

    This is the most important feature of a video conferencing system that makes sure that everyone has access to content and information shared on screen.

Video Conference Equipment:

The Video Conference system comprises the following equipment:

  • Display Units:

    These can be laptops, desktop monitors, and some television displays.

  • Cameras and Microphones:

    Video conference systems are equipped with webcams, built-in microphones, and USB microphones to capture sound and footage.

  • Speakers:

    Speakers can be external speakers, computer speakers, or VoIP conference phones.

  • Video Conferencing Software:

    Video conferencing software like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meets are also an important part the of Video Conference system.

Apart from these, hot desks and audio gears are also video conference equipment.

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