Why Are Cisco Networking Switches the Best on the Market?

Networking switches are the building block of any network. They can be access layer switches, distribution layer switches, and core layer switches depending upon the location where they have been installed or deployed. Since networking switches are intelligent, they have almost replaced the use of networking hubs which warrants that switches should be finalized after well-thought-out deliberation. This blog serves this purpose so that you can navigate the tech world with confidence and make informed decisions.

The Uses of Networking Switches:

Networking switches are network hardware that is used to connect devices like computers, printers, and wireless access points in a computer network to each other. Most of them operate at the data link layer of the OSI model. Network administrators can perform multiple tasks with the help of networking switches. For example, the determination of bandwidth, setting the required duplex whether full or half, setting parameters for Quality of Service, filtering of MAC address, monitoring of SNMP for ascertaining the health of the network, and port mirroring configuration can be performed by network switches. Hence, the speed and control of traffic within the network depend largely on the Ethernet or networking switches.

Why Should You Select Cisco Switches?

There are multiple factors that have made Cisco one of the best networking brands on the market. Some of the reasons are enlisted below:

Cisco Switches Are Reliable:

Reliability is the major factor behind the wild popularity of Cisco Networking switches and other products. They provide redundancy and resilience in both hardware and software. In addition, promptly available customer services like remote troubleshooting always add to the reliability of Cisco devices. As a result, their continuous usage in the business network leads to the productivity and resource efficiency of organizations. Their reliability is best reflected by the excellent rating- 9.6 out of 10- given by Trust Radius Review to Cisco Catalyst 9400 series switches.

End-to-End Solution Providers:

Cisco is known for providing the most comprehensive end-to-end networking solutions which help individuals and organizations save precious resources and time as they don’t have to look for different vendors for meeting their networking needs.


Cisco Networking switches are embedded with various security features like Firewalls, TrustSec, VLAN, MACsec, Intrude, and Control Policy. These features help protect networking from unauthorized access or any other malicious attacks. The impregnable security measures are one reason for the growing popularity of Cisco switches. They are so faster in threat recognition that they can detect threats within 6 days which other switches do in more than 100 plus days. In terms of detection and containing threats, companies can generate a 140% return on investment.


These switches are easy to install and convenient to operate and manage. The customizable dashboard and resultant GUI-based network management mean that you don’t need to have specialized IT staff for the deployment and management of these switches. Cisco Switches support Zero-Touch deployment and configuration of multiple switches simultaneously. Centralized management through an intuitive dashboard helps firms remain productive and resource-efficient.

Future Proof Deployment:

Cisco switches have been designed and built in a way that they will remain useful in the future as well by remaining relevant for future workspace. Power Over Ethernet and efficient energy management leads to 60% cost saving related to energy. They can support IP phones and wireless access points which help organizations avoid cabling requirements.

Smart and Intelligence:

These Switches are intelligent and smart. They are capable of differentiating between data-critical traffic and recreational traffic, thereby prioritizing traffic for most usages that are critical for a company. In this way, Cisco Switches play a key role in improving the performance of an organization and boosting its revenue. For instance, Cisco Business 250 series are known as the best affordable and intelligent networking switch in the market.

Cisco Hierarchal Design Models:

Another factor that has greatly helped Cisco captured the market is the manufacturing of specialized networking switches peculiar to the particular and distinct application as per networking requirements. For example:

  • Core Layer Switches:
    These switches are installed at the top of the networking and they control the whole network. Cisco has come up with advanced series 7000, 8000, and 10000 to cater to this need.
  • Distribution Layer Switches:
    They are deployed at middle points and connect Core layer switches to endpoint Access Layer Switches. Cisco has launched the 3000 &5000 switch series to meet the requirement of the distribution layer.
  • Access Layer Switches:
    These switches are used to connect PCs to the network. Cisco Networking Switches 1900 &2900 have such switches.


These are some reasons which have played a role in the growing popularity of Cisco Networking switches. One can hope that this blog would help you make the right decision.

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