Why Should You Deploy Polycom IP Phones?

Nowadays, businesses all over the world are shifting towards the widespread usage of IP phones. Gradually and sometimes, rapidly, traditional landline phones are being replaced with IP phones for performing various business-related communication, both within the company and outside the company. HD audio, background noise reduction, convenient scalability, portability, security, economical long-distance reach, and real-time call analytics are some important advantages that IP phone offers that make companies highly desirous of their installation. In addition, cutting-edge features like HD sound quality, hearing-aid compatible headsets, WiFi and Bluetooth support, touchscreen & color display, voicemail, Caller ID, Contact List, Device Management System, and the like features have further added to their wild popularity.

Which Brand Should You Choose?

But which manufacturing brand should be chosen given the fact that there are at least 6 leading brands selling their IP phones on the market, namely, Audio Codes IP Phones, Cisco IP Phones, Fanvil IP Phones, Grandstream IP Phones, Yealink IP Phones, and last but not the least Poly IP Phones. Hence, this diversity of options baffles the buyers and they find it difficult to settle down on a particular brand. This blog has been written to facilitate you in this regard.

What Makes Polycom IP Phones So Special?

Multiple reasons are responsible for the popularity of VoIP or IP manufactured by Polycom. Some factors deriving its popularity are discussed below:

  • A Great Diversity in Product Portfolio:
    Polycom’s product portfolio is very vast and provides a great variety of options to cover the distinct needs of users. For instance,
    • The Polycom VVX:
      This line of products provides all-in-one VoIP solutions. Equipped with the latest video, voice, and application capabilities, they can meet the requirement of business communication quite well.
    • The Polycom Soundstation:
      This line covers the business needs of conference phones. The unmatched performance and voice clarity for any size of room have made this product line quite popular for conferencing and other objectives. They are provided with 360-degree microphones that are capable of picking up audio and thus help organizations enjoy a great audio experience.
    • Soundpoint IP:
      These are enterprise-level IP desktop VoIP phones which have been designed in such a way to ensure interoperability with premise-based or hosted unified communications. These are cost-efficient as well.
    • Polycom Skype for Business: :
      This product line has been designed to cater to the needs of Skype for business. They are readily interoperable with Skype for Business for providing effective communication for every kind of user whether receptionists to executives.
    • Polycom Team:
      This is a premium IP product line designed for meeting the needs of high-end business IP phones. They are designed to ensure interoperability with Microsoft Teams.
  • Acoustic Innovations:
    The second major factor responsible for the widespread usage of the Polycom IP phones is the continuous acoustic innovations that Polycom has been making. These innovations have clearly helped Polycom to provide customers with unmatched and high-quality calling experiences. For instance, Acoustic Clarity Technology has worked almost marvelously to ensure HD audio quality for various IP phone products of Polycom.
  • Targeted Market:
    Polycom has focused on meeting the requirements of every organization whether small, medium, large or every kind of end-usage. As a result, it has come up with products that sufficiently meet the needs of home, office, or conference rooms of large enterprises. For example, you can access IP phones for specific tasks or jobs including but not restricted to executives, receptionists, group calls, call centers, home office workers, mobile workers, remote workers, hospitals, and the like. The broad-based focus of Polycom has played a role in its popularity among e-commerce companies.

How Can We Help You?

Morgan Ingland LLC is a leading e-commerce firm with a vast product portfolio covering every IT product and ICT service and solution. We have served our valued customers with cost-effective VOIP Phones of every brand including Polycom, and Cisco, among others. In addition, all product lines of Polycom- Polycom Soundstation, Polycom Soundpoint, Polycom Skype for Business, Polycom Team, and Polycom VVX- are available at Morgan Ingland LLC’s online store. What’s more, our team of product experts and solution designers are available all time to provide you with end-to-end solutions at the most affordable price on the market. Feel free to contact us at 415-704-8713 or email us at info@miatlantic.us 24/7 for further detail and information.