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We feel proud to introduce ourselves as one of the seasoned, trusted, and exponentially growing US Gov. contractors and general suppliers. Our horizon is broader and wider which is not confined or harnessed to a single sector. We offer products for Defense, Education, Health, Industrial, and Corporate sectors.

Our spectrum of services includes but is not limited to IT Products, Heavy Machinery, Medical Grade Devices, Furniture, Chemicals, and Aviation related items.

We are empowered with a glorious track record. It won’t be exaggerated if we say that we are a 360-degree one-stop phenomenon company enriched with versatility, dynamism, and know-how.

We are an icon of par excellence; our Smart Sourcing and Supplying (3S) is one of our strengths. The core of our success stories is our highly calibrated and cutting-edge mind-powers; digging out the right things from the right place and at the unbeatable price. The quickest response time, smart working, promissory commitments, and timely deliverance are our predominating traits.

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IT hardware, medical supplies, industrial equipment, electronics, electrical or services, we have them all. We are a one-stop company that can provide you with high-quality products and solutions at competitive prices.



Our versatility, track record & know-how propels the boundless competency of our services with the continuous and growing trust of the public sector.


Stringently serving the world’s most robust and dynamic sector with all the contingent and contemporary needs and supports.


It is all about nurturing and shaping posterity; education systems the world over has got revolutionized globally with IT and we are ‘The Expert” not limited to IT but in the institutional supplies and others.


It is all about precision and meticulous sourcing; we have strong health industry liaisons to provide all the healthcare machinery, equipment, devices, and others to keep the lifeline moving on…


Travel and tourism is a benchmark industry and we are well conversant with all the supplies, supports, and services to be the pivotal force behind the smiles and miles of the people.


There is an exponential growth of metropolitan cities throughout the world, cosmopolitan living is mushrooming. We sell and supply all from excavation to the tower antennas mounted at the apex of the buildings.

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