TDK 61857 LTO-5 Backup Tape Cartridge (1.5TB/3.0TB)

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Brand :TDK
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Organizations all around the world need to manage protect and preserve their databases and this is made possible by only installing a reliable data backup system. Backing up data is one of the most important things for any business organization, no matter how big or small. TDK, a well known brand, offers companies with the best data backup media. TDK LTO 5 tape provides businesses with the perfect backup plan with all these features.


  • 2:1 compression, the tape features data storage capacity of 3 TB This is an ideal storage space for large organizations as they can store large amounts of data on a single cartridge.
  • The tape model 61857 provides reliability and durability with an excellent performance. Archival life is 30 years and can take up to 20000 load/unload cycles.
  • Data speed of 280 mbps, makes the backing up process speedier.
  • To provide the 61857tape cartridge with a long life, TDK has developed media it with ultra fine and smaller magnetic particles which are now coated on thinner media.
  • LTO ultrium 5 tape is also compatible with LTFS feature and other applications of partitions.

Length8.0000 in
Width6.0000 in
Height4.0000 in
Weight2.00 lbs
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