VoIP Phones and Their Types

Given the growing and ever-expanding applications of IP phones in every business and office, this blog has been written to help you know everything about IP or VOIP phone systems and their types for helping you find the right solution in sync with your budget and operational needs.


What is IP Phone System?

IP phone system or VOIP phone system is a hardware- or software-based telecommunication system that uses Voice Over Internet Protocol(VOIP) technology. IP phones convert analog audio signals into digital ones for transmitting them via the internet, unlike landline phone systems that send/receive analog voice signals through copper wires or other means. Landline-based phones need to be connected with a PBX box that demands constant maintenance which adds to their operational costs. Unlike this, VoIP phones connect directly to the internet via Ethernet cable and VoIP service providers take care of routing calls to specific devices.

What Benefits Businesses Can Get from IP Phones:

IP phones have become very popular in recent years and businesses of every shape and size deploy this telecommunication system for performing various business operations. They can reduce communication costs drastically and are more reliable and accessible than conventional landline-based phone systems. The installation and deployment of IP phones can help you get multiple advantages.

  • IP phones are instrumental in enhancing productivity and improving customer support services. Since this system is computer-based, you can integrate phone functions with other business applications. For example, the system can automatically bring up the caller’s record upon his call and thus helps customer service providers to better respond to inquiries.
  • IP phones or VOIP phone systems are very flexible and scalable. The scalability of conventional landline phones has always been a serious headache; you will have to purchase sometimes even a new phone system to meet the growing needs of telecommunication. But IP phones are scalable. A computer system can handle a lot of IP phones and extensions. The flexibility of IP phones is another advantage. They will help you collaborate remotely from any device and from any place.
  • Phone calls via IP phone systems are very inexpensive in comparison with digital or analog phones. They only use broadband to carry audio signals, so you don’t pay heed to per-minute expenses, especially with international calls. Furthermore, communication with branch offices also become almost free, which is certainly a cost-saving solution for telecommunication.
  • IP phones provide many cutting-edge features free of cost, which otherwise comes with steep upfront costs with propriety phone systems. For example, IVR, auto attendant, voice mail, ring groups, and advanced reporting, unified communications are some features that are essential for the overall productivity of any organization. You can avail of them free of cost.
  • IP phones have made working from home extremely easy and efficient. You can use IP phones to access data, fax, and voice anywhere, thus allowing users to connect from home offices anywhere and anytime.
  • The installation, configuration, and maintenance of IP phones are very easy. They are plug-and-play devices and don’t warrant specialized and skilled human resources for their installation and maintenance. Additionally, there is also no requirement for copper wires and other things. Configuration is also very simple because of VOIP-hosted software and web portals that make changing, expanding, moving, and removing IP phone systems user-friendly and cost-effective.

Types of IP Phone Systems:

Broadly speaking, VoIP or IP phones are of two types: soft phones and hard phones. Hard phones are similar to landline-based phones in physical appearance, but they are connected to the internet via Ethernet cable and don’t require a PBX phone for call routing. A softphone or software-based phone is an app that can be downloaded/installed on tablets, smartphones, and laptops. The soft IP phone can give you the freedom to make or receive calls via smartphone or other devices when you are not using VoIP hard phone. IP Hard Phones are available on the market in different form factors which provide vastly different specifications. Knowing these types can help you make the right choice.

Desktop IP Phones:

It is similar to an everyday desk phone but depends upon VoIP technology for making or receiving calls. This standard business IP phone and they are provided all features which are generally added to traditional landline-based phones. Desktop IP phones are the most commonly used IP phone for business applications.

Wireless IP Phones:

IP phones also come into the market with wireless connectivity. They have built-in Wi-Fi or a Transceiver that helps phones to connect with an access point for accessing the internet connection. Obviously, the wireless connection comes in handy when you are required to move freely in offices to perform various tasks.

Video IP Phones:

As the name indicates, Video IP phones are provided with a small camera that helps capture the video. Video IP phones are used as a substitute for face-to-face meetings. The video quality can be as high as 720 p and built-in speakers ensure two-way communication.

Conference IP Phones:

The conference IP phones are designed for meeting the requirement of conference calls. They are deployed in large offices and conference rooms where multi-party phone calls are a norm.

USB IP Phones:

These IP phones are connected to computers using USB jacks. They are generally used in combination with software-based IP phones.

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