Lenovo Vs Dell Laptops: Which Brand is Most Suitable for You

Both Lenovo and Dell brands are leading laptop manufacturers on the market. In the third quarter of 2022, Lenovo had a market share of 25.2% of total pc shipments worldwide as compared to Dell’s 17.3 %. The fierce competition between these brands indicates the level of commitment to uncompromising quality and performance of the PC units they manufacture. So, it becomes very tricky to select one brand for the laptop you are looking for. In the following paragraphs, we will be discussing the pros and cons of both brands and recommend the best brand for you based upon some pre-defined criteria.

The Advantages That Dell Offers:

  • The design and internal parts of Dell laptops are built to meet high standards. The design of the Dell laptop is innovative, sleek, and looks professional. Cutting-edge features like enhanced and edge-to-edge displays add further to the aesthetic look of Dell laptops. But it is also true that Dell focuses more on performance and build quality rather than on looks. Don’t expect much artwork from Dell.
  • They have the best displays and screens after Apple. Nothing can beat them in terms of displays and screens.
  • Dell customer service is comprehensive and proactive. It is undoubtedly the best on the market.
  • They provide the widest range of laptop products. Whether you are looking for a gaming laptop or a business-oriented design and specifications, you will find everything you are looking for.
  • Dell offers budget-friendly laptop solutions with comparatively better features and designs than some of its competitors on the market.
  • The warranty provided by Dell is limited and applicable for one year. But this can be extended up to 5 years. The warranty covers both the cost of shipping and the return of products. More importantly, if you upgrade your laptop, the warranty remains valid.

Disadvantages Associated with Dell Laptops:

There are some shortcomings as well which need highlighting for making an informed decision.

  • Short battery life is a major issue, particularly if you are using a low-budget Dell laptop. Though Dell has attempted to resolve this issue in high-end premium laptops whose battery life is 15-16 hours, the majority of Dell laptops suffer from short battery life.
  • Premium Dell laptops like XPS have excellent displays with vibrant colors, but standard Dell laptops don’t have up-to-the-mark displays in comparison with Lenovo and other laptop brands.
  • There are some reports that low-priced Dell laptops are provided with the low build quality. They break down within two years and customers have to resort to expensive repair or replacement.

Lenovo Laptops: Advantages and Disadvantages:

If you have decided to buy a new laptop, consideration of the below-said advantages and disadvantages associated with Lenovo is worth your time.

  • Lenovo offers the cheapest laptops in comparison with other brands. Like Dell, Lenovo laptops are also available in a wide range, from regular-use laptops to high-end and premium versions. It has been reported that Lenovo Laptops are available at almost half of the price with one or two additional features.
  • The battery life of Lenovo laptops is also matchless and unheard of. A majority of Lenovo laptops can last half a day with a single charge. Some newest versions can last as long as 15 hours which is certainly a much-needed feature if you are often on the road.
  • Lenovo provides versatility to users as per their needs and wishes. Whether they want powerful gaming laptops or ultraportable ones, Lenovo has everything at its disposal to meet the expectations of the customers.
  • Lenovo has excellent customer service as well which further adds to their overall productivity and usefulness.

But Lenovo suffers from some drawbacks as well, for instance:

  • Durability has come up as a major issue with Lenovo laptops. Their cost-effectiveness is the result of compromised build quality. Consequently, Lenovo laptops are not long-lasting.
  • Unattractive design is another shortcoming. Lenovo has continued to rely upon the old plain design and has so far failed to bring up elegant and aesthetically-attractive designs.
  • Restricted versatility in applications of graphics is also a major problem. Lenovo has so far introduced NVIDIA graphics on a limited number of Laptop products, its standard laptops use AMD graphics. AMD graphics don’t support high-end tasks as smoothly and easily as NVIDIA graphics do.

Which Brand is Better On the Basis of Some Benchmarks:

  • Budget/ Price Consideration:

    Obviously, budget or price is going to major factor in making up your mind for the final selection. All in all, Lenovo offers the most affordable laptop as compared to Dell. This is due to the fact that Lenovo manufactures a significant number of laptops which helps it maintain prices within the affordable range. For instance, the cheapest Dell model available on the market is Dell Inspiron 15 3552 which is available for almost $200 and the most expensive Dell laptop is available for $2000. Unlike this, the most expensive Lenovo laptop is available on the market at the price tag of $1200.

  • Specifications:

    In terms of processors, graphic cards, battery life, and screen sizes, Dell offers the best specification available on the market. The high-end and premium Dell laptops are fitted with quad-core which provides exceptional performance. Screen sizes also range between 11 inches to 17 inches. NVIDIA graphics are used and both Intel and AMD processors are provided with Dell laptops. Lenovo on the other hand provides decent specifications, but on the whole, Dell has better specifications and resultant performance in comparison with Lenovo.

  • Design

    As it has earlier been discussed that Dell pays more attention to performance and build quality than to looks, therefore Dell laptops should not be your choice if you are looking for some attractive looking laptops. There are color variants as well. Lenovo laptops are also either silver or black finished but there is some artwork that makes Lenovo more elegant and aesthetically attractive.


Both brands offer distinct pros and cons which should be given utmost care. If you are looking for a one-liner conclusion here it is.For affordable and attractive laptops with enough features to perform casual tasks, go for Lenovo. But if you are looking for a laptop for performing demanding tasks and longer durability, go for Dell.

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