What are the Specifications of a Good Laptop?

The market is flooded with laptops of various specifications and brands which makes it difficult for buyers to find the right product for themselves. Since buying a laptop is a costly affair, it is important to discuss the various specifications of laptops so that interested buyers can make an informed decision.

Laptop Components You Need:

Hardware components are obviously crucial for the speed and performance of any laptop. But the better the components, the higher the price, therefore understanding the intended use of a laptop is a must-do activity. in this blog, we will be discussing various components of laptops and suggest specifications according to the intended usage of customers.


Intel’s main processors are i3, i5, i7, and i9. Roughly equivalent to these processors are the AMD Ryzen series which are Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7, and Ryzen 9. The i3 is the least powerful processor and the i9 is the most powerful one. Within these chip lines, there are considerable variations that are written by strings of cryptic letters and numbers. Deciphering this cryptic information is vital for a better decision. For instance, Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6300U CPU is a Dell laptop. Let’s break down it. The first number 6 refers to the generation number, so in this case, this is the 6th generation laptop. The next numbers provide information about the performance. The higher the number, the more powerful laptop is. Lastly, there are three letter- Y, U, and H which indicates the battery life or power efficiency. Y series has been optimized for battery life, the H series for performance, and U for power efficiency. The capabilities of the Intel processor have been discussed below:

Ryzen 3/ i3 Processor:

This processing power is enough for you if you are planning to use the laptop for everyday activities like web browsing, watching movies, and attending Zoom meetings. But laptops within this power bracket are not multitasking.

Ryzen 5/ i5 Processor:

If you intend to use the laptop for slightly heavier tasks like opening a lot of world documents or 10-20 tabs simultaneously for browsing, or light photo editing, laptops having this processor would be sufficiently powerful to give you satisfactory performance.

Ryzen 7/i7 Processor:

If you are searching for power, this processor is your sure answer. If you play a lot of games and engage in light video editing or FHD video editing, laptops provided with these processors should be considered for final buying.

Ryzen 9/i9 Processor:

Laptops provided with Ryzen 9/i9 processors are for specialized tasks like 4K video editing, CAD, 3D designing, and other areas of special expertise.


RAM or Random Access Memory has an important role to play in improving the performance of computers. RAM keeps data easily accessible for processors so that they can quickly find it without going into long-term storage to complete processing tasks. A few points need your attention:

  • For everyday usage, 4GB RAM would be sufficient.
  • For multitasking and light photo editing or other slightly moderating tasks, 8GB RAM should be your choice.
  • For heavy performance and 4K video editing, a minimum of 16GB RAM should be your utmost priority.

GPU or Graphic Cards:

GPUs come in two different forms: integrated GPU and discrete GPU. If you are going to create 3D objects or do high-resolution video editing, you should go for a discrete GPU, otherwise, an integrated GPU should be enough for your tasks.


Multiple display options are available like Touchscreen, OLED, 13˝, 14˝, 15.6˝, 16˝, and 17˝ screens measured diagonally. If you are looking for color accuracy, go for OLED, these screens are perfect for accurate color display. Bigger screens should be considered for performance-based tasks like video editing and graphic designing. In case you are an artist, choose a touchscreen because this would give you great facilitation in creating your artwork.

Battery Life:

Battery life is also an important consideration. A minimum 7-hour battery life is required if you are often on the road. Most importantly, don’t buy the words of the manufacturer, do view the feedback and search for third-party reports. If charging is USB-C type, that would be a bonus.


The speed of storage is more important than that of the CPU. If you can afford it, buy Solid State Drives or SSD as it has 3 times more reading and writing speed than traditional hard drives or HDDs. If you are looking for performance, 512 GB SSD storage is a minimum requirement.

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